The First Adventure

I think most of you reading this (be you family, friends, or classmates) already know that I'm headed to England in a couple of days for a 2 week seminar on libraries and librarianship in Oxford (followed by an additional 2 week vacation in England). One of my reasons for starting this blog now is so my classmates can hear about the seminar. The other reason is so friends and family can hear about my vacation. I realize that not everyone reading this will be interested in every topic I post about over the next month or so, but that's cool. Read what you like and ignore what doesn't interest you - I don't expect anyone to find everything I write interesting.

However, in the interests of maintaining interest, I will make a couple of promises to you:

  1. I promise not to descend into incomprehensible library jargon and to keep the amount of technical detail about the seminar on a level that's understandable to the folks without library backgrounds.
  2. I promise not to post terribly boring travelogs that only family would want to read.

Please let me know if I'm failing to keep either of these promises.