Any Given Day

If you're not a football fan you might want to skip this post. And if you're a Cal fan, you definitely want to skip this post. Don't say I didn't warn ya. The Arizona Wildcats have not done a great deal to win me over as a fan in the year and a half I've been at UA (I'm still first and foremost a Colorado fan when it comes to college ball). But every so often they manage to pull off something amazing.

Like today.

When they handed a loss to 8th ranked California on national television for their homecoming game.

Alas, I was not at the game (one thing I don't like about grad school is that it's kept me too busy to even contemplate attending sporting events - I still haven't ever been to game), but I did get to watch it.

The first half was pretty shaky, and I feared the worst (the Cats haven't had the best of seasons so far), but whatever pep talk Mike Stoops gave the guys at halftime worked wonders. They battled back from trailing by 14 to leading by 7 (a lead which eventually dropped to 4). They had some very lucky breaks: there was a very bad pass interference call on a Cal interception that broke their way and saved their bacon, and they also got lucky when the Cal touchdown that would have cost them the lead got called back on review because the receiver had stepped out of bounds.

But those two interceptions that won them the game? Oh, those were sweet. So very sweet.

Damn, I love this game.