Tweet, Tweet! Tweet, Tweet!

Yes, that's right folks! I've finally jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon. Another Web 2.0 sheep is born. Baaa! So, if any of you out there in libraryland are still reading this blog after its long hiatus, and want to read a bunch of allegedly funny, occasionally snarky (but probably ultimately inane) comments from me about my day in 140 characters or less, I can be found at

I'd have signed up sooner, but I knew I didn't need that kind of a timesink while the semester was still going on (school was a supersized black hole of a timesink all by itself, didn't need any help).

And to my family, who no doubt have absolutely *no* clue what I'm talking about. Twitter is a sort of strange little mini-blog. The idea is to post updates that answer the question, "What are you doing?" The catch is that your answer to that question has to be 140 characters or fewer. Yes, it probably really is just about as dumb and inane as it sounds. However, it's really taken off amongst the geek set (library geeks included) as another way to stay connected with friends. So, library geek that I am, I'm giving it a whirl!

I think the 140 character limit could be a good thing for me. As y'all might have noticed, I tend to ramble a bit ;-) so putting a limit on the amount I can write at a time could be a good writing exercise. I'm choosing to think of this as internet haiku.


At the risk of sounding stupid for making the same apology and excuse for not blogging that every other blogger seems to make... sorry I've been so quiet lately, but I've been busy. And since I expect the busy to continue until this semester draws to a close, I expect to go back to radio silence shortly. However, I have some awesome news that I've just got to share.

The University of Arizona's Library Student Organization has just won the American Library Association Student Chapter of the Year Award!

In the spirit of ALA's New Member's Round Table (NMRT), the Student Chapter of the Year Award is presented in recognition of a chapter's outstanding contributions to the American Library Association, their school, and the profession. The purpose of the award is to increase student involvement in ALA through student chapters, and to recognize future leaders in the profession. (ALA | Student Chapter of the Year Award Committee)

LSO has done some really great things this past year: the symposium, the blog, oodles of professional development programs, lots of fun social events, getting virtual students involved by letting them use Skype to attend our meetings, and a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting right now. It's been a great ride and helping out with all this stuff has been one of the highlights of my time in library school. So I'm over the moon that LSO has received recognition like this.

Rock on, LSO!


That wooshing noise I've been hearing lately was January speeding past. In the time since I last blogged, the following has happened: School started again - my final semester here at Arizona. I'm taking two classes and an internship. The semester got off to a slightly rocky start due to a hacker getting into the UA Library's computer system - causing them to shut everything down and make sure there weren't any nasties lurking in any of their systems, from public desktops all the way up to their servers. A good thing to do from a security standpoint, but shutting off library systems like electronic course reserves and interlibrary loan at the beginning of the semester caused, to put it mildly, problems.

I think my classes are going to be interesting this semester. I'm taking a class about marketing library services - an interesting subject in itself, and it's being taught by one of the best teachers in our department - I think it'll be fun. My other class is about diversity in libraries and although I think it will be interesting too, I'm slightly worried by the fact the the professor doesn't quite seem to have figured out what to do with the class. We'll see.

Then there's my internship, which is proving to be quite interesting already, even though I've barely started. For one thing, (and I realize in the grand scheme of an internship as a learning experience, this is a trivial thing, but...) I have an office. Of my own. This is a first for me, and I'm probably more excited about this than I need to be.... Then there's the project I'm working on, which looks like it's going to turn out to be even more interesting than I originally thought.

I thought I'd be helping to design and produce a little online, interactive tutorial for a single subject for one of the Law Library's legal reference classes. Well, it looks like I may get to do a bit more than just one tutorial - they've never taught this class as a virtual class before, and it's looking like I may have a hand in helping to figure out how to best translate the whole class from a 5-day on-campus intensive class to a 1-day on-campus plus 3 week online hybrid class.

That's just... cool.

Oh, and I went to ALA Midwinter, and I think I'm still disoriented. My, but that is a large conference.... Still, I enjoyed myself. I got to see some of the friends I made at Internet Librarian, meet some new folks, attend some informative sessions, see the new Seattle Public Library (oooo, shiny....), hang out with some of the gang from Tucson and go sight-seeing, sample some really excellent microbrewed beer, get a couple of nice tips on job possibilities, attend the LITA Blogs, Interactive Media, Groupware, and Wikis Interest Group committee meeting (cool group, that - and they've got some neat stuff going on - I hope I can find the time to stay involved with them). I even managed to blog about Midwinter, just not here. If anyone's interested in my very short report, head over to the Library Student Organization blog:

And since getting back from Midwinter, I've also gotten to fulfill my first work as editor of our student webzine by putting up our first issue of the year (if you're interested, you can find it here: I can't claim full credit for the editorial work, though - the previous editor gathered most of the stories, I just did a bit of copyediting and posted them - but it's a start. I'm glad it's up, too. Now I can start pestering people in earnest for contributions for the next issue.

Big things are happening with my position as LSO webmaster, too. We're realizing that since our school has a large group of virtual students (both distance students and local students - by the time I finish, I'll have taken 2/3s of my classes virtually, and I live in Tucson), and since web technologies like blogs, wikis and podcasts becoming important for librarians to understand, we really need to give some thought to our group's web presence. So, we've started a committee to take a look at what LSO can do to better support our virtual members, and what we can do to give LSO members a chance to play around with this technology a little. Should keep me from getting too bored as webmaster.

And of course with less than a semester to go before graduation, my job search is beginning in earnest...

So, yeah, January's been a bit busy. However things are finally starting to settle down to a more normal level of chaos, and I hope to be posting a little more regularly from now on.

Classroom Blogging

I'm sitting in on the social computing section of our intro to library and information science class and since we're talking about blogging, I thought I'd post a message from the class. If any 504 students are reading this, feel free to comment.

5 Things You Don't Know About Beth Hoffman

So, while catching up with my newsfeeds after an exciting holiday season (pictures to come eventually), I discovered that I've been tagged with the "5 Things" meme that's been floating around (thanks David). This is kind of a tricky one, though, since a significant portion of my readership are family (who know more about me than I'd prefer to share in this space), but here goes: 1) In addition to being the LSO Webmaster this semester, I'm also going to be the editor of our student webzine, Bibliotech. Muwhahahaha! I get to unleash my inner copyeditor! What fun.

2) I have delusions of authorship (of books, that is). I have this idea for a sci-fi story that's been kicking around in my head and growing and evolving for years. Someday I hope to have the time to write the thing down.

3) I am a huge, huge, geeky, pathetic Terry Pratchett fangirl. I've read all the Diskworld novels, and I'm slowly working my way through some of the more obscure titles ("The Bromeliad Trilogy", "Only You Can Save Mankind"). My 3 favorite Pratchetts? "Night Watch", "Going Postal", and "Thief of Time".

Royal Observatory: Prime Meridian 4) I've only ever left the country twice, but in the course of those trips, I've crossed the Equator, the International Dateline, and the Prime Meridian. Okay, so the Equator and the Dateline were crossed while on an airplane in the middle of the Pacific, but I've still crossed 'em. I love to travel, so here are some other travel-related things I hope to do: Visit all 50 states, visit every National Park in the US, visit all 7 continents.

5) When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronomer, and it's all Carl Sagan's fault. I even got as far as getting myself an A.S. in Physics before Calculus and Differential Equations finally defeated me. Although I don't follow the world of astronomy as much as I used to, I still love to just watch the night sky, though....

And since just about everybody I know and read has already been tagged with this meme, I'll throw it out to anybody who hasn't yet been tagged but wants to participate.


Now that the semester's over and I've had some time to think, I'm realizing that there are some odds and ends I've been meaning to mention and haven't gotten around to. So, in no particular order, here they are: Everybody's slides from the SIRLS/LSO Symposium are now up on the web and can be found at: There were some really great presentations this time around, and although just looking at the slides isn't quite the same as being at the presentation, there's still some good stuff there.

I've got my own page of presentations (including slides) here: I've only done two presentations so far, but I'm hoping that the list will slowly grow - the two I've done so far have been fun.

I've also got a page with my various Flickr photo albums here: including (and I'm really sorry I've been forgetting to mention this for so long) all of the photos from my trip to England this summer. For the friends and family who have been waiting for months to see the England pics, they're also available directly by going here:

Life Trumps Blogging

Crunch time has come for my summer job (for those that don't know, I'm the Graduate Assistant for a summer course that's the intro course for UA's library program). We'll be entertaining nearly 90 new librarians-to-be for all of next week and all of my free time between now and August 1st I now consider to be reserved for things like sleep. See you August 1st.

Contents Have Shifted

If you're reading this, then the behind the scenes renovation to Adventures in Library School has been completed and nothing went terribly wrong.

The Dewey Binary System

So, what do geek librarians in training do on a rainy Friday afternoon? We translate the Dewey Decimal System into Binary, of course! (For those of you who are unfamiliar with binary numbers, the following article from Wikipedia will tell you more than you probably ever wished to know: So, here I present the much simplified Dewey Binary System:

0 - Fiction 1 - Non-Fiction

You may now commence to debate amongst yourselves about wether it should be 0 - Non-Fiction and 1 - Fiction instead.

Welcome to Rainy Tucson

I think I may have to stop badmouthing the Tucson climate (at least temporarily), for it appears that we are actually going to have a Monsoon season this year (there was an official announcement that the season had started on the radio today). I think I've seen more rain here in the past week or so than in the entire previous year since I moved, and the highs have only reached the "really unpleasant, but bearable" level. This time last year the highs were already circling the 110 mark, but so far this year its been about 10 degrees cooler. Highs of 100 are still too hot in my book (heck, highs of 85 are too hot in my book), but at least they don't have me wanting to do nothing more than sit in a dark room trying to move as little as possible in the hopes not generating any more heat than necessary.

Pity. I actually kind of enjoyed complaining about the weather....

Contents May Have Shifted

Some behind the scenes maintenance I've been working on this past weekend seems to have goofed up some of my administrative controls, and I've discovered that perhaps I didn't install my WordPress software quite where I should have. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm just being obsessive-compulsive and I want to neaten everything up. As a result, I will be moving some things around behind the scenes here for the next several days. If everything goes according to plan none of what I'm doing will actually be visible all of you who are reading this, however, the maintenance wasn't supposed to goof anything up either....

So, if posts or pics suddenly dissappear for a bit, only to reappear someplace slightly different sometime in the next, say, two weeks or so, this is why. Otherwise everything should continue normally.

Pause for Maintenance

It's come to my attention that there's a security update available for my blogging software, and although updates are pretty easy to manage, I don't want to post anything else until after I've updated the software (which I plan to do tomorrow). If everything goes well, I'll be back on Thursday. If everything doesn't go well - you may never see this post, and some others may disappear as well.

But I'm sure everything will go well....

Technical Difficulties

Hello all. For reasons I haven't been able to determine, I couldn't get to my blog for the past couple of days (or to my hosing provider, which made attempting to report the problem a bit tricky).

If you're seeing this, than the technical difficulties have been ironed out, and I should be able to resume posting.

Not being able to post yesterday has sort of thrown my posting plans (such as they were) into dissarray, so today's post was actually meant to be up yesterday, and there may be several posts tomorrow.