Catching Up

My time in Oxford is now ending (I'm writing this sitting on the coach back to London, and if you're reading this, I'm back in London and have found WiFi access), and it's only now that I seem to have found time to write about the Libraries and Librarianship seminar. I blame this partly on being jet-lagged the first week, and having a head cold the second. Mostly though I blame it on the fact that I was enjoying Oxford so much I wanted to spend my free time doing something other than sitting in front of my computer. However, I'm now officially on vacation (or since I'm in England, I guess I should say on holiday), and I have more time to write. So, I'll still be doing a day-by-day blog of the seminar, I'll just be doing it two weeks later than I had originally expected. I'll be blogging my holiday too (expect lots of pictures soon).

Jet-lag and minor illness notwithstanding, the past two weeks have been amazing. Oxford is a beautiful city, the seminar was great - informative and entertaining, and the people were just wonderful (both the people putting on the seminar and all my fellow attendees). I didn't even mind the weather. We pretty much had two straight weeks of rain, but after a year spent mostly in sunny and bone-dry Tucson, two straight weeks of rain was actually a pleasant change of pace. So while I'm looking forward to my holiday, I'm sorry the seminar's over, and I'm sorry to be leaving Oxford.