You know you've been in England for a while when....

  • You start looking right, then left when crossing streets.
  • You recognize the coins.
  • You lost your sunglasses at least a week and a half ago, but haven't really missed them yet (and may not have missed them for a few days after you lost them).
  • You recognize the names of most of what's on tap when you pop into the pub, and are thankful when none of the taps say Bud or Coors.
  • You start keeping the major routes of the London Underground in your head, so you don't have to keep looking at the map (and you start calling it the Tube).

If this keeps up, I'll come home with a british accent....

The museums yesterday were lovely, but the day was a long one and involved a lot of walking on hard surfaces. Hence this allegedly funny post instead of a travelogue. Today should be a bit more leisurely, I'm headed to Greenwich to engage in a bit of astronomical and horological geekery (and much thanks to cousin Brad for tips on how to get there), but that's all I intend to do today, aside from relaxing.

Am I remembering correctly that this is Memorial Day back in the states? If I am, happy Memorial Day. If I'm not, well, try to have a happy Monday anyway.