Sea Air

I've made it to Eastbourne without any trouble, and have once again managed to find a coffee shop with good WiFi access, so I will be posting from the seaside. Ah, the seaside. I do love the seaside. Growing up in Colorado, this was just not something I saw all that often. In fact, my first sight of the ocean in memory (as opposed to when I was still too young to remember it) was on a trip to Australia when I was 12. I remember being awed at seeing so much water. It's one thing to see the Pacific Ocean on a map, but you don't really quite realize how big it is until you're faced with an endless expanse of water.

To this day the ocean still floors me. Having grown up in Colorado, I have to confess that I'm hard to impress when it comes to mountains (I used to be able to see Pikes Peak from my back yard, at least until the trees grew too tall), but show be a large body of water and I'll ooo and ah all day. I'm not actually sure if the English Channel is considered part of the Atlantic or not, but it's still an impressive body of water. I've already enjoyed strolling along the coastline, listening to the waves and enjoying the sea air.

Today, I'm off to the nearby town of Lewes, where they have a Norman castle (or at least, the ruins of one), and which was also the site of the discovery of some of the first Dinosaur bones (amazing what you can learn at museums - I picked this bit of info up at the Natural History Museum in London a couple of days ago).