Heading Home

My trip to England is rapidly coming to a close. I'm back in Oxford for the night and then I catch an early morning coach tomorrow back to Gatwick airport for my flight home. I suppose I could spend my afternoon in Oxford rushing around to see all the stuff I didn't have a chance to see the first time 'round on account of being sick, but I actually intend to take things easy. I have a bunch of postcards to write, and a tiny bit of shopping to do, but that's about all I intend to do here.

That said, this is the last post I'll be sending off before I get back home. I'm planning on taking the weekend to get myself sorted out after a month abroad, but I'll be back on Monday with... something. Probably a continuation of my posting about the libraries seminar I came over here to attend in the first place. (No, I haven't forgotten about those, but they take a while to write and I haven't had a lot of time for that kind of writing. What can I say, I'm on holiday... and slacking.)