IL06: Public Library 2.0 - Emerging Technologies & Changing Roles: Michael Stephens

I spent the morning sitting in on the Public Libraries track, mostly because they had speakers I wanted to hear (I read way too many library blogs, and now I get to see some of these folks talk in person - very cool). Here's the first of several sets of my (somewhat disjointed) notes. Michael Stephens Michael Stephens was up first, with a very brief into to what's been going on in public libraries lately.

This time last year, the term Library 2.0 was new. Now Library 2.0 stuff is turning up a lot and libraries are jumping into the realm of social software.

Mentioned the Newsweek Cover Story: Putting the "We" in Web.

Mentioned the IL2006 tag on Flickr to find conference photos.

Says that a lot of us are living on the web now.

The Web 2.0 idea has spawned a lot of other 2.0s, most notably (for us) Librarian 2.0 and Library 2.0

The point of library 2.0? It's all about the user*

*(or customer, patron, client, or what have you ::wave to my IRLS608 class::)

User-Centered Planning

  • Keep the people involved: this is key.
  • Users need to be at the center of what we're doing.

People's perceptions: Libraries = books. We need to get the word out that libraries are a lot more than that now.

Remember, tech is a tool, not an end in and of itself.

Advice for those attending the conference: be a sponge - take in as much as you can.

6 ways to help make library 2.0 work:

  1. expand the brand
  2. marketing is important and we need to do it better
  3. we need to be telling stories
  4. break down barriers to the users
  5. remember the power of the blogosphere
  6. think about the user when setting or changing policy

Other things to remember:

Adopt a 2.0 philosophy

  • People are advertising for librarian 2.0 positions, so this can be to your advantage.

What is Library 2.0 about? It's about experience and play, so here are some ways to play.

  • create a virtual tour on Flickr
  • make a gadget lab (give folks hands on experiences - staff and customers)
  • learn from the gamers (its okay to make mistakes)
  • second life rocks!

Create a Culture of Trust

  • let people comment in the catalog
  • trust users *and* staff

5 Phrases Michael Never Wants to Hear Again

  • we've always done it this way
  • he/she is a roadblock to anything new
  • the it department won't let us
  • I don't have time (see David King: making time for web 2.0)
  • our director doesn't like technology

Plan, Dream, & Innovate

Never Stop Learning

If you want to read more about Library 2.0, check out the Squidoo Lens that Micheal Stephens and Jenny Levine put together about it.