Free Time?

Oh, yeah, I've heard about that. That's that thing that happens to other people.... In the week or so since I've been back from Internet Librarian (of which, more shortly), it's come home to me just how much I have to do during the month of November:

  • Finish my part of a group project for my Ethics class (on Intellectual Property) and then glue everybody's contribution into something comprehensible.
  • Do my individual project for my Ethics class (which I'm ashamed to say I haven't really started yet) - I'm hoping this will be a code of ethics for information architects - I really need to e-mail my prof for a topic okay soon....
  • Write three small papers for my management class (including a writeup of Internet Librarian, which I get to do instead of an article survey about facilities management, wahoo!), all of which really need to be turned in by the end of the week.
  • Finish up the group project for my management class - a 30-page strategic planning document for a community college library.
  • Write a critique of two information-related websites (one good, one bad) for my User-Interface and Web Design class (sooo many bad websites, sooo few good ones).
  • Actually keep up with the reading and class participation in all my classes.
  • Prepare a presentation on RSS for the LSO Graduate Student Symposium that's happening in two weeks (oh, and by the way, we had fewer presenters than expected, so instead of sharing the time slot with somebody else, you get the whole 50 minutes). Whee.
  • Help out with the pre-class organization of Yet Another Intro to Library School class (my third so far - at least I know what I gotta do by now). Aaaand, they're actually going to let me teach the intro unit for our online courseware again, so I must not have made too much of a fool of myself the first time around (a minor miracle considering that I had so much other stuff to do, I had no time to prepare and did the intro cold - note to those of you who teach: avoid getting into that situation whenever you can - preparation is a good thing).
  • Finish the paperwork for my spring internship. The internship's mostly lined up - I'll be doing webby things for the Law Library, but there's always the bloody paperwork.
  • Get the application for a travel grant into the Graduate and Professional Student Council - 'cause I'd like some help defraying the cost of attending ALA MidWinter.
  • Making some Christmas presents (of which I can say no more, because the intended recipients are probably reading this).
  • Heaven only knows what else.

The scary thing is, I'm having too much fun to be stressed about anything. And since, for reasons passing understanding, school stuff's pretty much going to be wrapped by the first week in December (something like 2 weeks before the official end of the semester), if I can survive November without going stark raving mad, December should be relaxing.

Only 26 days to go....