IL06 Wrapup

I probably should be doing homework right now, but I've been doing that all day and I need to do something else right now. Aaand since the rest of the biblioblogosphere has already blogged the conference sessions much better than I could and in a more timely manner, I'm going to make this my final post on the subject and then move on to other things. (For those curious about the other sessions - go search the IL2006 tag over at technorati, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied.) As great as the sessions were (and they were great), and as lovely as Monterey was, what I'm going to remember most about the conference is the people I met and some of the more informal, and not necessarily library-related chatting I got to do, and I really want to make a point of saying thanks to Michelle Boule, Steven Cohen, Karen Coombs, Mark Dehmlow, Nicole Engard, David Free, Tom Ipri, Josh Neff, Michael Sauers, and Greg Schwartz for being nice to the noob and for helping to make my first professional conference such a great experience. Ya'll rock!

Here's the rest of the highlights reel:

Having somebody ask me the first morning if I'd figured out how to long on to the conference center's WiFi and then turning around to find that the person doing the asking was Roy Tennant, and then being too shocked at finding out who was doing the asking to really talk to him (okay, the too shocked to really talk wasn't exactly a highlight, but still, I got to meet Roy Tennant, kinda).

The sea of laptops that made up the front row of the Tuesday afternoon Social Computing track. I met so many great folks thanks those sessions, it was amazing. Fun was had, stuff was learned, friends were made.

Street Market The impromptu street market that seemed to spring up out of nowhere on Tuesday afternoon and that made the stroll back to my motel a great deal of fun. I still have no idea if there was some sort of special occasion or if it was just the weekly farmer's market, but there was a lot of nifty stuff, and some of the best looking produce I've seen in a looong time (put my Safeway to shame). Pity I wasn't hungry enough to buy anything.

Discussing the insane distance between Denver International Airport and Denver itself with Michael Sauers. ( I miss Colorado, I really do. Crazy airport arrangements and all. )

Winning a Starbucks gift card from Steven Cohen in the What’s Hot & New with Social Software session for knowing about Digg. Going out for Sushi with the gang after the conference had wrapped up. This was kind of a milestone for this picky eater: I ate raw fish, and I'm still among the living. Cool.

Listening to Stephen Abram talk politics and libraries at the Crown & Anchor pub. Being part of the group that closed down the Crown & Anchor pub (two nights running). Mom, Dad, you were right, the best discussions at conferences *do* happen in the bar.

Aaand... maybe I should leave it at that.

All in all, a great conference, and I am definitely going back next year. (And as an added bonus, next year the conference ends on Halloween - that should make for an interesting last day.)