Rollin' Home

The end of the semester has come once again. This one just flew by, and since I didn't have an final exams, just final projects and final bits of discussion, I'm kind of left feeling that it hasn't really quite ended yet. One nice thing about final exams - you do get a wonderful sense of closure when you're done. It's been an... interesting... semester. I think it's going to wind up being one I remember more for stuff that happened outside of my classes than for the classes themselves. That's not to say the classes were bad or anything (although one of them was so good that it made the other two look bad in comparison). But when I look back at some of the other stuff that happened this semester: Internet Librarian, the Symposium here in Tucson, the fact that our Library Student Organization had a pretty active membership this semester, the classes kind of take a back seat. I'm still trying to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.And now after two days of mad rushing to finish up projects at work (school may be finished, but when I'm the graduate assistant for a winter session course and work continues throughout the break - at least I can do all of it virtually for now) and at home, I'm just about to head off to Colorado for the holidays to see family, friends, pine trees, Pikes Peak, mountain air, and with any luck, snow.

I can feel my stress level dropping already.