Now that the semester's over and I've had some time to think, I'm realizing that there are some odds and ends I've been meaning to mention and haven't gotten around to. So, in no particular order, here they are: Everybody's slides from the SIRLS/LSO Symposium are now up on the web and can be found at: There were some really great presentations this time around, and although just looking at the slides isn't quite the same as being at the presentation, there's still some good stuff there.

I've got my own page of presentations (including slides) here: I've only done two presentations so far, but I'm hoping that the list will slowly grow - the two I've done so far have been fun.

I've also got a page with my various Flickr photo albums here: including (and I'm really sorry I've been forgetting to mention this for so long) all of the photos from my trip to England this summer. For the friends and family who have been waiting for months to see the England pics, they're also available directly by going here: