Exciting News!

I have two bits of news that I've been sitting on for a while, and it looks like I can finally announce both of them. First newsbyte: For the spring semester, I will be interning at the library at the University of Arizona John E. Rogers College of Law. I'll be helping one of the reference librarians there put together an interactive learning module for one of the library's legal reference classes. I'm overjoyed about this: I'll get to do some fun geeky things, and I get to be a little bit involved in teaching, which is cool (my parents are both teachers - love of teaching is in the blood).

Second newsbyte: Election results are in, and I am now officially the Webmaster for my school's Library Student Organization. Because my school has a significant number of distance students, our online presence is important, and I'm hoping that in my time as webmaster I can come up with some ways to give our distance students more of a chance to particpiate in the organization.

Of course, between these two things, regular classes, a job search, and life in general, I'm going to be extremely busy during the spring semester. But hey, I've never done bored well, and sleep is overrated. ;-)

Next semester's gonna rock!