5 Things You Don't Know About Beth Hoffman

So, while catching up with my newsfeeds after an exciting holiday season (pictures to come eventually), I discovered that I've been tagged with the "5 Things" meme that's been floating around (thanks David). This is kind of a tricky one, though, since a significant portion of my readership are family (who know more about me than I'd prefer to share in this space), but here goes: 1) In addition to being the LSO Webmaster this semester, I'm also going to be the editor of our student webzine, Bibliotech. Muwhahahaha! I get to unleash my inner copyeditor! What fun.

2) I have delusions of authorship (of books, that is). I have this idea for a sci-fi story that's been kicking around in my head and growing and evolving for years. Someday I hope to have the time to write the thing down.

3) I am a huge, huge, geeky, pathetic Terry Pratchett fangirl. I've read all the Diskworld novels, and I'm slowly working my way through some of the more obscure titles ("The Bromeliad Trilogy", "Only You Can Save Mankind"). My 3 favorite Pratchetts? "Night Watch", "Going Postal", and "Thief of Time".

Royal Observatory: Prime Meridian 4) I've only ever left the country twice, but in the course of those trips, I've crossed the Equator, the International Dateline, and the Prime Meridian. Okay, so the Equator and the Dateline were crossed while on an airplane in the middle of the Pacific, but I've still crossed 'em. I love to travel, so here are some other travel-related things I hope to do: Visit all 50 states, visit every National Park in the US, visit all 7 continents.

5) When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronomer, and it's all Carl Sagan's fault. I even got as far as getting myself an A.S. in Physics before Calculus and Differential Equations finally defeated me. Although I don't follow the world of astronomy as much as I used to, I still love to just watch the night sky, though....

And since just about everybody I know and read has already been tagged with this meme, I'll throw it out to anybody who hasn't yet been tagged but wants to participate.