Tweet, Tweet! Tweet, Tweet!

Yes, that's right folks! I've finally jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon. Another Web 2.0 sheep is born. Baaa! So, if any of you out there in libraryland are still reading this blog after its long hiatus, and want to read a bunch of allegedly funny, occasionally snarky (but probably ultimately inane) comments from me about my day in 140 characters or less, I can be found at

I'd have signed up sooner, but I knew I didn't need that kind of a timesink while the semester was still going on (school was a supersized black hole of a timesink all by itself, didn't need any help).

And to my family, who no doubt have absolutely *no* clue what I'm talking about. Twitter is a sort of strange little mini-blog. The idea is to post updates that answer the question, "What are you doing?" The catch is that your answer to that question has to be 140 characters or fewer. Yes, it probably really is just about as dumb and inane as it sounds. However, it's really taken off amongst the geek set (library geeks included) as another way to stay connected with friends. So, library geek that I am, I'm giving it a whirl!

I think the 140 character limit could be a good thing for me. As y'all might have noticed, I tend to ramble a bit ;-) so putting a limit on the amount I can write at a time could be a good writing exercise. I'm choosing to think of this as internet haiku.